About us

About Sultry Pleasures and its parent company, Sultry Designs LTD

  • Thousands of products from the newest vibrators to decadent lingerie
  • Founded in 2013, giving us a time-tested reputation for reliability
  • Protecting your privacy and security are our top priorities
  • We obsess over privacy and deliver in plain packages not even the courier knows what they are delivering
  • As you will be paying the courier company for the package Sultry Pleasures would never appear on your credit card statement or LINX statement.

About Sultry Pleasures

Sultry Pleasures is the Trinidad and Tobago's largest, most convenient stop for adult products and accessories with a catalog of over 17,000 items to choose from there is something for everyone, whatever your taste is, from mild to wild we probably have it. We believe that shopping for adult products should be a private stress and judgement free affair, so we set up our site so you can shop from the privacy of your home.

Shipments and returns

Sultry Pleasures is a strong advocate for personal privacy, and we do whatever it takes to preserve yours. We pack your order in nondescript envelopes and boxes, just like your everyday mail or packages. And are delivered to our courier service only to you (or someone else you designate with us in advance). The only identifying marks are your mailing address and ours. The name “Sultry Pleasures” does not appear anywhere on the outside of your package.

All deliveries are performed cash on delivery. Technically it's LINX or Credit Card on delivery as our courier does not accept cash for security reasons.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us via live chat or e-mail us at sultrypleasures@sultrydesigns.com